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Client Care

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We provide services to both the private sector and public sector clients. Still Earth acknowledges the central role played by the Client and its team in any construction project, therefore, we forge a long-term relationship with our Client that endures beyond the project lifecycle. Client care is highly esteemed in our organisational process due to its impact on our existing Client and prospective ones, as this has earned us referrals and repeated commissions.

Beyond the magnificent edifice, we construct, we strife to leave an impactful experience with the client throughout the construction process. We achieve this by continually refining our robust client care procedures through lessons learnt, administering surveys, and gathering feedback from the client.


Our team imbibe sound ethical and moral principle and carry out their responsibilities with a high level of professionalism. Still Earth adherence to integrity in our dealing ensures we meet and exceeds the expectation of our Client.


Our quality assurance processes ensure that we consistently produce reliable products that meet the specification.


Our team comprises of professional with vast international experience in diverse aspect of construction. We harness this experience in proffering solution to challenging engineering problems for our clients.


We make efficiency and timeliness the bedrock of all that we do because we recognise that a quality product defeats its purpose if it is not delivered efficiently and on time.


No customer service endeavour is completed without an appraisal or evaluation by the Client. We value the feedback of all our clients and have an evaluation process that gives full credence to this feature


We satisfy our customers because we are highly competitive in costs and adopt proven cost saving measures which do not detract from the high standards and quality that we are renowned for.


We communicate and give audience to our clients as we rely on their feedback to understand each of our clients and their unique needs. The information elicited enables us to be responsive and follow-up pending the satisfactory resolution of any of the complaint or any requirement is succinctly established.

Customer Service

We have a caring, dedicated customer service team that caters to the requests, needs and questions of our Clientele.