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still earth projects
still earth projects

ISO Certification


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System


ISO 45001:2015 Occupational Health and Safety Management System


ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System

Still Earth Construction recognizes Health and Safety as a vital part of every operation hence our “Safety First” approach. We are committed to protecting the health and safety of all persons in the workplace and providing a safe work environment. We provide solutions and associated services in the construction sector across Nigeria. Still Earth utilises a proven team of experts with extensive knowledge in building and construction activities.

Still Earth has implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) to satisfy the quality assurance standard, ISO 9001:2015, and to meet the requirements of our clients.

Still Earth shall make use of the following systems and processes to support the aim of total client satisfaction and to continuously improve throughout the business, our overarching quality objectives.

Some of which are: -

Regularly gathering and monitoring of internal and external client’s feedback.

Complying with relevant laws and regulations as well as internal requirements.

Continuously challenging ourselves to improve the quality management system to guarantee product safety.

Prevent quality incidents and eliminate defects through the review of quality objectives and results.

Selection and performance monitoring of employees / contractors against set criteria.

Continuous training and development for all employees.

Regular audit of our internal processes.

Measurable quality objectives which reflect and reinforce business aims.

Undertake Management reviews of audit results, internal and external client’s feedback, and complaints.

We endeavor to comply with all applicable legal requirements and strive continually to improve our Health and Safety performance by developing policies and programs appropriate to the nature and scale of our operations.

Our established and documented HSE policies are fundamental in guiding all our activities and provide the framework for setting and reviewing HSE objectives.

Still Earth subscribes to the principle that all incidents can be prevented, and we believe that ZERO accidents, injuries, and environmental releases are attainable. We share a primary duty of care with other stakeholders with regards to our workers and therefore we are committed to consult, cooperate, and coordinate with them to produce the required health and safety outcomes.

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