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Job Description

still earth projects
DepartmentCorporate Office & Project SiteReporting Line NameGM
LocationIkoyi, LagosProject LocationTBA
SalaryAs per the company normsNationalityExpatriate


  • Devising and executing effective procurement and sourcing strategies across all channels of purchasing
  • Create and implement regional procurement strategies that are innovative, cost-effective, and incorporating the complexities and challenges within industry
  • Institute policies and procedures for collecting key metrics and rationalizing so as to reduce overall expenses while increasing productivity
  • Create policies and procedures for risk management and mitigation
  • Institute transformational activities to build procurement organizational capabilities and improve procurement efficiency
  • Develop and implement purchasing and contracting instructions, policies, and procedures
  • Review contract specifications with the suppliers and vendors
  • Prepare bid awards for approval
  • Ensure adherence to all safety, health, and environmental rules and regulations
  • Develop, lead and execute local purchasing strategies
  • Improve the purchasing system and lower the cost of doing business
  • Perform cost analysis and set appropriate benchmarks
  • Assess total costs of company purchases
  • Control purchasing budgets
  • Forecast price and market trends to identify changes of balance in buyer-supplier power
  • Analyze market and delivery systems in order to assess present and future material availability
  • Directing purchasing agents, evaluating vendors & suppliers, conducting interviews with vendors, negotiating supplier agreements and managing supplier & vendor contracts and representing company in this regard
  • Discovering profitable suppliers and initiate procurement partnerships
  • Negotiating with external vendors to secure advantageous term
  • Build and maintain long-term relationships with critical suppliers and vendors in the industry to negotiate the best prices for company
  • Identifies and researches potential new suppliers & vendors
  • Resolve vendor/contractor grievances including their claims against suppliers
  • Keep abreast of changing industry trends
  • Delegate tasks and supervise the work of purchasing and procurement
  • Supervise purchase/procurement by all other departments/sites and report lapses, if any
  • Compare quotations for price and specifications
  • Negotiate with vendors to reduce costs
  • Manage systems that track the shipment, assess inventory and supply of materials
  • Administer on-line purchasing systems
  • Places orders for raw materials and goods
  • Should be capable of setting ordering thresholds for commonly used items
  • Review, evaluate, and approve specifications for issuing and awarding bids
  • Prepare and process requisitions and purchase orders for supplies and equipment
  • Review the purchase order contracts and claims for conformance to company policy
  • Develops timelines for the delivery of critical items so that the projects run in time
  • Developing more effective invoicing and delivery processes and coordinate deliveries
  • Ensures the timely delivery of supplies so that operations can continue uninterrupted
  • Communicates with vendors/suppliers/shippers in order to speed up delivery as needed
  • Constantly monitor what the company purchases and performs quality checks on goods from time to time in order to see that vendors are not delivering substandard goods
  • Well aware of inventory categorization techniques
  • Collaborate with inventory control and production to develop metrics for gauging inventory level needs and then maintaining those levels throughout the project cycle
  • Develops and implements strategies for storing and maintaining stock levels
  • Implements storage procedures for inventory items requiring special storage
  • Creating profitable ways to manage obsolete and slow-moving stock to help offset losses
  • Manage the company’s day-to-day purchasing activities and ensure correct practices
  • Monitor and forecast upcoming levels of demand
  • Arrange for proper disposal of unserviceable & surplus materials
  • Manage every aspect of the supply chain and notify the senior management of any possible obstacles to efficient production
  • Prepare daily, weekly and monthly procurement reports
  • Prepare reports regarding market trends for pricing
  • Liaise with key company employees to determine their product and service needs
  • Direct and coordinate activities of personnel engaged in buying and distributing materials, equipment, machinery and supplies
  • Honest, discipline, self-motivated and hardworking
  • Willing to take up additional roles and responsibilities as and when required


Job QualificationRequired-
− Bachelor’s degree/Diploma preferably in a related field such as Procurement/Inventory Management
− SAP certification
− Master’s in Business Administration
Job Skill✓ Excellent written and verbal skills
✓ Should have good communication skills
✓ Decisive with excellent analytical & critical thinking skills
✓ Excellent time management skills; ability to prioritize
✓ Willingness to learn and to grow with the company and motivated to take on additional responsibilities and solve problems
✓ Self-directed and able to work without supervision
✓ Should have leadership skills and a team-player role to manage and supervise the team members and the lower staff
✓ Highly organized multi-tasker who works well in a fast-paced environment
✓ Proficient computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel)
Experience* Successful Candidates will have a minimum of 7-8 years’ experience in a similar role.
* Minimum 3 years’ experience in SAP
Career GrowthThis is great opportunity to join Still Earth, a growing and highly professional construction company with an ambition to expand further throughout the region. You will be given a generous benefits package and a good salary. There is also a genuine opportunity for career progression.