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Still Earth Construction & Realty endeavors to be an international market leader, preferred general construction contractor that is globally recognized for expertise in superior construction & related services. We aim to achieve consistency and proficiency in the delivery of outstanding services, while adding value for clients through our professionalism, pro-activity, creativity, transparency, timely completion and qualitative performance.


We are constantly evolving and expanding our efforts to grow beneficially not only by meeting our customers’ needs, but also by responding to market changing conditions, building on a performance driven culture, improving productivity through effective monitoring and control, maintaining a healthy and safe workplace, utilising latest technology in all areas of our work and creating and maintaining an environment that fosters growth and development.


Our team is composed of professional members such as project manager, engineers, safety officers, masons, steel fixers, carpenters, plumbers, laborers, accountants and many more. They are trusted experts in their respective fields with cognate and ample years of experience. Our workforce is diligently and professionally committed to driving and achieving great success on every project which provides satisfaction for our clients, and fulfillment of a job well done for our staff.


At Still Earth Construction & Realty, we continue to invest in qualified talents and thus lead a workforce of trained individuals in order to be come the industry major player that we strive to be. We provide a great work environment for all of our staff, stressing team effort, bonding and treating each team member with respect, dignity and consideration. Teamwork is the norm and is encouraged through real time communication and careful coordination. Our objective is to jointly work together to achieve success on every project for our clients, through the professionalism, diligence and hard work that we profess and promote.